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Winter Indoor Training Schedule


Not in the club but interested in finding out if FC Columbus might be a good fit? Please email info@fccolumbus95.com to see how you or your child might be able to join an age group for winter indoor training.

What We Offer

U5 - U8 Coed training program

Our primary focus at this stage is to help players develop a relationship with the ball, develop coordination, and discover the joy and wonder of The Beautiful Game. This program is hosted in our own indoor facility.

U8 - U19 Competitive youth club teams in boys and girls division

Our youth club teams compete is MOSSL, Buckeye Premier, or OSSL depending on age and ability. These teams compete in the Fall and Spring club season. Our teams are coached by our talented and experienced staff, which train players to make their own decision by helping them calibrate their intution based on context.

Developmental Components

Physical, Technical, Tactical, Psychological/Socio-Cultural

From U8-U12 our developmental focus is the Technical and Physical components

From U13 - U15 our developmental focus begins to more intentionally integrate the Tactical component to player development

From U16 - U19 our developmental focus tries to bring all the developmental components together to breed confidence through succes, achievement, and outstanding team play. 

At all stages of player development we acknowledge and ephamsize psychological development as the key to sustaining and building on success. In adittion the socio-cultural implications of playing on team require players to broaden their view of the world to allow for them to reach their full potential within the context of a collective.

Winter training

Located a 4395 Weaver Court in HIlliard, FC Columbus youth club players have the huge advantage of having their own indoor facility to use for team and individual training especially during the cold winter months (or days when weather closes the fields). The ability to have your own controlled environment in order to continue and build on the progress from the Fall in invaluable.

Details for the 2019-2020 Winter Indoor Training Schedule


Club Point of Contacts

Club Point of Contacts

Director of Coaching

Maziya Chete

Technical Director 

Seymour Alleyne

Uniform Coordinator 

Analisa Trares

Carding Coordinator 

Jeff Stevenson

Team Admin Coordinator

Brenda Brienza

Club Communications

J.J. Bain

Stack Account & Payment Support

J.J. Bain & Jeff Stevenson

Tournament Coordinator

Jeff Stevenson


Maziya Chete


Seymour Alleyne


Analisa Trares


Jeff Stevenson


Brenda Brienza


J.J. Bain


Joma Partnership

FC Columbus Youth Club Uniforms

Joma is a family owned business out of Spain that supplies uniforms for some of the top teams in Europe, and South America. Through this partnership the club had the ability to create custom uniforms that mimic our NPSL team.

FC Columbus Logo

What we stand for is in our Logo

1995 is the year Santos FC was formed

The colors represent the colors in the flag of Columbus.

"Joga Bonito" is Portuguese for "Play Beatifully" which exmplefies our style of play - inspired by Brazil.

The shield represents strength of character and the protection of our values.

The "sash" in the shield represents our distinctive uniform.

The red logo is our primary logo, while the black logo features on our black uniforms. The logo with the blue outer cirlce is an alternate logo.

Indoor Facility

In order to promote year-round training, improved/sustained player development, and create a competitive advantage - FC Columbus leadership took the steps towards securing an indoor facility we could call our own. 

In the winter of 2017/2018, FC Columbus was able to open and begin training its teams at 4395 Weaver Court, Hilliard Ohio.

FC Columbus Spirit Wear Store OPEN!

In order to receive your order before Christmas, we asked that you order before December 10, but the store will remain open for you to get your FC Columbus swag!